On August 15, 2017 Meijer issued a recommendation for our Owner Kyle Albarado. It is with great pleasure that we accept the recommendation from Mr. Terry Madden. Per Mr. Madden’s recommendation shown below, he would welcome calls or emails from anyone interested in speaking with him. 

Our owner was able to make emergency repairs to a critical piece of equipment Meijer needed to meet production demands when most people said it couldn’t be done. Kyle was not only able to repair the cracked Stainless Steel fittings, but he completed the work hours ahead of the expected completion timeline which allowed the plant to get back into operation earlier than planned to meet loadout schedules to deliver product to retail outlets.

Kyle is willing to share a copy of the recommendation if any of our customers would like it, simply send him a request at [email protected]

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To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to be able to supply this letter of recommendation for Kyle Albarado and Southern Solutions. In my position I outsource a significant amount of work. One of the areas we struggle to find competent help in is sanitary welding and weld repair. I have used numerous companies in the Dayton area and find the work quality lacking or the timeliness of response inadequate. Kyle Albarado has filled that void for Meijer.

Kyle has done numerous projects in my plant. There is little here that he hasn’t worked on. His welding is first rate, it is correct the first time, and his responsiveness and customer interaction is what I would expect from a top line vendor. In short you can be confident that Kyle and Southern Solutions will take good care of your needs.

I am happy to provide the strongest possible recommendation for Kyle and would be glad to take any calls that someone may have to further expand upon my experiences.

Terry F. Madden | Maintenance Manager

Meijer Dairy |4212 S. County Rd 25A | Tipp City, Ohio 45371

P:  937-669-9313

[email protected]