Kyle AlbaradoOwner | Field Installation Manager

Kyle Patrick Albarado Sr. has been fitting and welding since 2006. He began his career working on gas lift mandrels in the oil & gas industry. These mandrels were made of various materials such as carbon steel (4130), 13 chromes, 718 inconel, titanium, super 13 chromes, and more. The variety of metals that Kyle learned to weld on gave him diverse experience with different outcomes and taught him the importance of quality work.

He learned about the importance of teamwork while helping his company establish procedures to facilitate the assembly of the mandrels, many of which were x-ray jobs. He welcomed new challenges, like learning to weld fitting rails and injection lines that had to fit in tight special clearance casings. He currently welds on stainless steel tubing (304, 316, schedule 10 & 40 stainless steel pipe) common in the food processing and manufacturing industry. In food manufacturing, the piping systems must meet flow rate requirements that can be cleaned without any restrictions. This is accomplished by making sanitary welds and by fitting the pipe so that there are no dead legs in the pipe run.

Kyle is a contractor in the food manufacturing industry in South Louisiana, and serves as the field installation manager for Southern Piping Solutions. His goals are to grow his family business to a four man crew in a shop, as well as continuing to work in the field. When he wakes up each day, his goal is to make people happy with his work in an industry that he loves and admires. He loves to meet new customers, and quality of work is the most important thing that he brings to the workplace. He feels that what separates him in his industry is his unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, and he genuinely cares for each of his customers. He believes in doing work right the first time, even if that means never cutting corners. His motto is, ” A little hard work never killed anyone.” He believes that teamwork is essential to large scale operations, and he truly enjoys being part of a team.

Married to Taenum, Kyle is a husband and father of 2 (Kyle Jr. and Taelie MaKae). He enjoys making memories with his family and watching his children grow. Like his father, Kyle loves to spend time cooking outdoors and having large family get togethers. His hobbies, like many Southern men, are hunting and fishing. He enjoys watching LSU Athletics, and looks forward to the days where he can teach his young children about all Louisiana has to offer. When he’s not at work, he and his family can often be found camping together and enjoying nature. God and family are central to Kyle’s life, and they both keep him grounded and looking forward to the future.  

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